WiFi - wireless internet
Hotel internet

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We provide secure, user authenticated wireless network solutions for offices, restaurants and hotels. Anything from unlimited free access for your customers to charged timed sessions and everything in between.

Small offices can operate perfectly with a single wireless access point, but if you have a large office or a hotel things can get complicated. We can install and configure an extensive roaming network where you can stay connected as you move around the building.

Many hotels have out-dated and cumbersome solutions requiring multiple logins and sometimes give a slow connection. With the rise of smartphones and the iPad, demand on your internet infrastructure is increasing and the increase is likely to continue. We can provide a fast and reliable system that's simple to use for both hotel staff and guests. Today's guests expect to stay connected with family, friends and work via a transparent internet conection that doesn't interfere with emails or block services like VPN, Skype and instant messaging.